List Of Changes To GCAC Website

09/03/18 Contact message forms updated. 2018 Association eaflet available to download from Documents page.

01/02/18 Fairs Calendar page updated for 2018.

18/10/17 Glynllifon Christmas Fair 2017 details added.

06/06/17 Updated News page.

24/04/17 Updated News page.

21/04/17 Updated News page.

16/01/17 Updated Fairs Calendar and News page.

15/11/16 Splash Leisure Centre craft fair advert added to home page.

16/08/16 Updated fairs calendar page.

01/06/16 Membership appplication document removed from site - contact Membership Secretary direct instead. 2016 Association info leafket available to download on Documents page.

28/05/16 Updated the  news page.

09/04/16 Fairs Calendar page updated. News page updated. Conwy fair advert added to home page.

24/03/16 Amendments to Member Links page.

22/02/16 Correction to Bulkeley Hotel fair date on English page. New date for Grosvenor fair. News page updated. Attempted to make the Facebook page button on the home page work properly. List of committee members updated.

10/02/16 Grosvenor Garden Centre fair 2016 added.

31/01/16 Updated Fairs Calendar and News pages.

23/10/15 Updated News and Fairs Calendar pages

30/05/15 Changes to News and Fairs Calendar pages

19/05/15 Changes to News and Fairs Calendar pages.

10/04/15 Betws-y-Coed fair cancellation, changes to Calendar and News pages.

03/04/15 Member links page updated. About Us page updated.

10/03/15 News page updated.

24/02/15 News page updated. List of committee members updated following Annual General Meeting. Attendance Request form email address updated. Craft fairs contact form updated. Minor correction to General Enquiry form.

07/01/15 Fairs Calendar page updated with details of 2015 fairs. News page updated.

25/09/14 News and Calendar pages updated due to cancellation of Grosvenor Garden Centre fair.

31/08/14 Corrected error in list of committee members on About Us page.

16/06/14 Gallery now has pictures from Betws-y-Coed craft fair. News page updated.

09/06/14 Porth Eirias fair in July cancelled.

30/05/14 Links to Facebook and Twitter now available on left of home page under menu frame.

27/05/15 Added to News page.

25/05/14 One link added to Member Links page. Two events added to non-Association Events page.

25/02/14 Date correction for Grosvenor Garden Centre craft fair 2014. Member Links page updated. Events list updated.

30/01/14 Added Old Colwyn Cermaics web page to Member Links page.

13/01/14 List of craft fairs and events for 2014 updated. News page updated.

18/11/13 Provisional list of Association craft fairs for 2014 published on Calendar page.

22/08/13 Fixed problem preventing English version of website displaying OK. (Welsh version was still there at

07/06/13 Updated the News page.

25/05/13 Pictures of Best Stand Award at Beaumaris Festival Craft Fair added to News page.

26/04/13 Non-Association events page updated.

27/03/13 Easter craft fairs situation updated.

17/03/13 Updated non-Association events list page.

16/03/13 News page updated.

19/02/13 Added link to Fingerprint Jewellery Studio to Member Links page.

15/02/13 List of non-Association events in North Wales 2013 now available as a link from the Fairs Calendar page.

20/01/13 Added Anglesey Pottery's Facebook page to Member Links page.

10/01/13 List of craft fairs 2013 on Fairs Calendar page. Note that the information is not yet complete. Member Links page updated.

06/11/12 Updated non-Association events list page. News page updated.

11/10/12 Amended advert on home page for next Association event. Updated non-Association events list page

27/09/12 Added September 2012 version of the Association's Constitution, as amended at the General Meeting, to the documentation page.

10/09/12 Added event to non-Association events list page

20/08/12 Home page updated.

06/08/12 Advert on home page changed to Anglesey Show craft fair.

05/06/12 News and home pages updated.

28/05/12 North Wales Craft Fairs list updated.

18/05/12 News page updated. Holyhead fair advert deleted.

09/05/12 News page updated.

08/05/12 Changed next craft fair advert on home page.

20/04/12 Added warning to Contact Us message forms page to make sure that user email addresses are entered carefully and double checked. We keep getting messages we are unable to reply to because users don't check their own email addresses.

18/04/12 Updated Member Links page. Added non-Association fairs list page (link from Fairs Calendar page). News page updated.

10/04/12 Updated fairs calendar page and news page.

28/02/12 News page updated. 2012 Association leaflet available from Documents page.

25/01/12 News page updated. Fairs Calendar page updated to correct mistake in English version.

24/01/12 Fairs Calendar page updated.

22/01/12 News page updated. Fairs Calendar page updated.

19/01/12 Fairs Calendar page updated.

10/01/12 Many changes based on the need to introduce Captcha spam protection to forms and updating for 2012 fairs list etc.

15/12/11 Amendment to list of 2012 craft fairs. Correction to news box on home page.

12/12/11 Added to News page. Amended home page.

27/11/11 Amended home page with details of next craft fair at The Plassey.

06/11/11 Corrected date of Bulkeley Hotel craft fair for 2102 on Fairs Calendar page

01/11/11 Updated fairs calendar 2012. News page updated.

12/10/11 Added provisional list of craft fairs for 2012 to Fairs Calendar page

11/10/11 Added more new member website links on Member Links page.

08/10/11 Added link to Jaspersparkle website on Member Links page.

03/09/11 Updated list of craft stalls at Betws-y-Coed craft fair.

01/09/11 News page now accessible from home page main menu. Now carries a link for news item submission. Amended contact forms to correct a shortcoming.

30/08/11 Added Anglesey Show craft fair report to the News page.

13/08/11 Added a couple of member websites to Member Links page.

12/08/11 Changed advert for next fair on home page. Added links to artist Julie Roberts's site.

03/08/11 Added Ann Evans Knitwear to Member Links page. Pictures added from Plassey craft fair in July.

25/07/11 Plassey fair advert removed, added one for Anglesey Show craft fair to home page.

19/07/11 Llangollen craft fair advertised on the Fairs Calendar page has now been cancelled.

18/07/11 Minor change to Membership page (Membership Application Form PDF now opens in separate browser window or tab).

26/06/11 Added Little Gems Knitwear new website to Member Links page.

31/05/11 Added details of Plassey craft fair and news about Best Stand Award winner at Beaumaris Festival.

30/05/11 Removed Beaumaris Festival Craft Fair advert from home page.

24/05/11 Marquees introduced on home page (Hazel Brend's idea) - Javascript must be enabled to work properly. Updated one picture in home page gallery. Member-organised (i.e. non-Association) independent fairs section introduced on fairs calendar page.

16/05/11 Amended Bethan Jarvis's website details on Member Links page.

04/05/11 Added 3 new links to Member Links page. A few more "gallery" pictures added to various pages.

03/05/11 Craft fair advert on home page updated for next fair.

27/04/11 Updated list of craft exhibitors at Erddig fair. Added further small pictures to various pages. Corrected '2010' reference on documents page.

26/04/11 Amended the Craft Fairs Coordinator message form to specify details needed when requesting stalls at fairs, to reduce correspondence arising from "vague" requests.

25/04/11 Changed home page fair advert to Erddig event.

05/04/11 Small change to the Bulkeley fair advert on home page. Latest Association brochure with details of latest Plassey fairs added to it.

02/04/11 Added both new Plassey events to Calendar page. Updated news boxes on home page with Plassey details. Added Press Officer contact form to Contact Us page. Added County Reps contact forms to Contact Us page. Links for individual fairs organisers contact form from Calendar page, plus links to craft fair venue's own websites where applicable. Corrected one entry in list of committee members.

28/03/11 Highlighted requirement for Public Liability Insurance and for no bought-in goods on Calendar page, as some people seemed to be using the message form without reading the requirements, based on some messages received.

27/03/11 Amended Bulkeley fair advert to reflect latest list of stall holders' products. Date correction.

25/03/11 Member Links now sorted in alphabetical order by trading name. Bulkeley fair "advert" added to home page.

16/03/11 Updated Fairs Calendar page with (a) SAF now 3-day fair, (b) removed "provisional" notices on Llangollen and Mold events. Updated keywords meta tag to include "craft fairs in North Wales" tag.

27/01/11 Added links to HazelB Quilts on member links pages.

26/01/11 Removed links to former member websites.

16/01/11 Updated craft fairs calendar page.