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Sample G&CAC Membership CardThe Gwynedd Association Of Craftworkers was originally formed in 1980 as a non-profit making organisation with the aim of promoting local craftworkers and their craft products.
In 1989 it was expanded to include craftworkers from Clwyd and still retains its original aims and now goes by the name of the Gwynedd And Clwyd Association Of Craftworkers.
Today, the Association includes members from across North Wales. We take great pride in the high standard of workmanship crafted by our members and we organise several craft fairs throughout North Wales every year, giving our members an opportunity to display their crafts to the public.
All the products for sale by our members are made either wholly or substantially by them.
If you are a craftworkers and would like to join the Association, please visit our Membership page.

Committee Members

The Association is run by a committee of elected members, and governed by the constitution of the Association. The committee members currently are:
Chairman: Sheila Garlick
Vice-Chairman: Joan Bakewell
Treasurer: Karen Collett
Membership Secretary: Lynn Turnbull
Secretary: Tony Vine
Craft Fairs Coordinator: William Jones
Fairs Organisers: Tony Vine, Bryn Jones
Newsletter Editor: Lynn Turnbull
Webmaster: Dilwyn Jones
Facebook/Twitter Organiser: Bethan Jarvis
Committee Members: Sue Hayton, Bryn Jones, Dave Garlick, Lynn Turnbull, Bethan Jarvis
To contact the officers, please use our contact form page.

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